emulsion bitumen cationic CRS2

Property Min Max Test Method
Viscosity, Saybolt Furol at ۵۰°C, SFS ۱۰۰ ۴۰۰ ASTM D۷۴۹۶
Storage stability test, ۲۴-h, % ۱ ASTM D۶۹۳۰
Demulsibility, ۳۵mL, ۰.۸% dioctyl sodium sulfosuccinate, % ۴۰ ASTM D۶۹۳۶
Coating ability and water resistance:
Particle charge test positive positive ASTM D۷۴۰۲
Sieve test, % ۰.۱ ASTM D۶۹۳۳
Oil distillate, by volume of emulsion, % ۳ ASTM D۶۹۹۷
Residue, % ۶۵ ASTM D۶۹۹۷
Tests on residue from distillation test:
Penetration, ۲۵°C (۷۷°F), ۱۰۰g, ۵s ۱۰۰ ۲۵۰ ASTM D۵
Ductility, ۲۵°C (۷۷°F), ۵cm/min, cm ۴۰ ASTM D۱۱۳
Solubility in trichloroethylene, % ۹۷.۵ ASTM D۲۰۴۲

CRS-2 Emulsion Asphalt is a cationic fast breaking bituminous emulsion that contains 65% bitumen, is black in color, and is manufactured strictly in accordance with ASTM D 2397M-13.

The prepared emulsion consists of two continuous phases including water and emulsifier and discontinuous phase including bitumen. In bitumen emulsions, bitumen with a very small amount of emulsifiers is dispersed in water in the form of very fine grains, and after spreading on stone materials, the bitumen breaks and pure bitumen remains.

Application of CRS-2 emulsion bitumen
Their main use is in sealing with stone materials, sealing with sand, surface asphalts and penetrating macadam.

In order not to flow on the surface of the road, quick-breaking emulsion bitumen has a high mental retardation.


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