Residue Wax (Foots Oil)

Residue wax also formally known as Foots Oil is the oil sweated out of Slack wax or is derived from the manufacturing process of Paraffin wax. It takes its name from the fact that it goes to the bottom, or foot, of the pan when sweated. Foots Oil contains a high percentage of oil and, based on the oil content, can be found as a liquid or semi-solid in the room temperature. The oily nature of Foots Oil (residue wax) makes this product a suitable substitute as a lubricant in industrial applications.

Foots oil Feature

  • Low melting point

Foots oil (petroleum) is full of oil, so the melting point is low, it starts to melt at temperatures above 40 – 60 °C. It has a typical flashpoint of about 250 °C and an initial boiling point above 280 °C. It is not flammable, but will burn.

The recommended storage temperature should not be exceeding 50 °C.

Due to potential reactions with oxidizing materials Foots oil (petroleum) should be stored separately. because of this feature packing should be quite good and tight to avoid leakage of oil

  • Persistence in water

This product is poorly soluble in water and will float on water. Oil amount of the residue wax does not let to be solved in water or other liquid products.

  • Low viscosity

Viscosity also related to the oil which is like lubricants

  • Color

Brown yellow


Application of Foots Oil:

  • Lubricants, tire, leather, rubber, plastic and shoe soil industries
  • Matches making
  • Chipboard and the general woodworking industries
  • Textile
  • Polish Industries
  • Cosmetic
  • Explosive, firework
  • Hydrophobic impregnation material
  • Fuel brick component
  • the raw material for the production of grease lubricants
  • conservation oils, and lubricants
  • Petroleum jelly and white oil manufacturing.

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