emulsion bitumen anionic SS1

Viscosity SSF , ۲۵ °C (s) ۲۰ ۱۰۰ ASTM D۲۴۴
Viscosity SSF , ۵۰ °C (s)  — ASTM D۲۴۴
Storage stability, ۲۴h (%)   — ۱ ASTM D۶۹۳۰
Demulcibility  , ۰.۰۲ N CaCl۲ (%)  —
Cement mixing (%)  ۲
Sieve (%) ۰.۱ ASTM D۶۹۳۳
Residue (%) ۵۷ ASTM-D۲۴۴
Solubility in trichloroethylene % ۹۷.۵ ASTM D۲۰۴۲
Penetration ۷۷°F (۲۵°C) ۱۰۰g,۵s mm ۱۰۰ ۲۰۰ ASTM D۵
ductility, ۷۷°F (۲۵ °C), ۵cm/min (cm) ۴۰ ASTM D۱۱۳

SS-1 anionic bitumen emulsion is slow setting, it is an anionic type produced by loose base bitumen and its main feature is high stability in storage.

If the bitumen particles suspended in the emulsion have a negative electric charge, it is called anionic bitumen emulsion. These types of emulsions stick better to limestone materials that have a positive electric charge. Anionic bituminous emulsions are divided into three types: fast-breaking, slow-breaking and slow-breaking.

Application of emulsion bitumen SS1
Using bituminous emulsions for road construction and maintenance is not a new method. Its applications are limited to bituminous spraying and dust stabilization in sandy and dirt roads. The lack of information and lack of production of different types of bituminous emulsions had limited their use.

Currently, the most consumption of these bitumens is in the construction of freeways and highways, main, secondary and rural roads by cold asphalt method, types of protective asphalt (surface asphalt, bituminous emulsion waterproofing slurry, etc.), surface coating, use in staining and maintenance and Improving the roads is stabilizing the soil and suppressing the dust. One of the advantages of bitumen emulsion compared to soluble bitumens is the possibility of using them on wet surfaces, which leaves a thin layer of bitumen on stone materials or pavement surfaces without losing adhesion.

Anionic bitumens are also widely used in the field of construction and construction insulation.


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