Bitumen Specifications PG ۶۴-۱۶

Bitumen Specifications PG ۶۴-۱۶

PG ۶۴-۱۶ Bitumen Specifications
Property PG۶۴ Test Method
Average ۷-day maximum pavement Design Temperature, °C ۶۴
minimum pavement Design Temperature, °C > -۱۶
Original Binder
Flash Point Temperature Minimum °C ۲۳۰ AASHTO T۴۸
Viscosity maximum ۳ Pa.s, Test Temperature,°C ۱۳۵ AASHTO T۳۱۶
Dynamic Shear G*/sin minimum ۲.۲ KPa Test Temperature,°C ۶۴ AASHTO T۳۱۵
Rolling Thin Film Oven Test AASHTO T۲۴۰
Mass change maximum percent ۱.۰۰
Dynamic Shear G*/sin minimum ۲.۲ KPa Test Temperature, @ ۱۰ rad/s °C ۶۴ AASHTO T۳۱۵
Pressure Aging Vessel AASHTO R۲۸
PAV aging Temperature, °C ۱۰۰
Dynamic Shear G*/sin maximum ۵۰۰۰ KPa Test Temperature, @ ۱۰ rad/s °C ۲۸ AASHTO T۳۱۵
Creep Stuffiness S maximum ۳۰۰ Mpa m-value minimum ۰.۳۰۰ Test Temperature,@ ۶۰s °C AASHTO T۳۱۳
Direct Tension Failure strain minimum ۱ % Test Temperature @ ۱mm/min, °C AASHTO T۳۱۴
Critical low cracking Temperature Critical cracking determined by PP۴۲ Test Temperature AASHTO PP۴۲

PG 64-16 bitumen is a functional bitumen. This bitumen, which is graded based on its performance at different temperatures, is classified and used based on two factors: traffic and pavement temperature.

The performance grade of bitumen or PG is the latest standard of the world. This method is a relatively new method that classifies bitumen based on the temperature conditions of different regions. In this method, the mechanical properties of bitumen are examined from completely scientific methods. In this method, a temperature range is assigned to the bitumen, and the consumer can choose the appropriate bitumen according to his desired location. Today, for polymer modified bitumen and pure bitumen according to the standard, a performance grade or PG is defined according to temperature and environmental conditions. The wider range or range of PG of a compound means more desirable properties and higher resistance.

Applications of bitumen PG 64-16
Although today’s produced bitumens are of very high quality, but the conditions of their use are basically the same as in the past, including sealing, adhesiveness and preparation of protective coatings. Today, more than 250 different uses for bitumen are considered in agriculture, construction, industries, road construction and many others. In this section, we discuss the use of bitumen in different uses.

Most of the bitumen produced in Iran and the world, which is known as natural bitumen, is used in road construction.

PG 64-10 is specifically used in temperate regions with cold winters.


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