PG bitumen (Performance Grade)

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PG 64-22

Bitumen PG 64-22 is Performance Grade (PG) Bitumen is bitumen which is graded based on its performance at different temperatures. Performance Grade (PG) bitumen cement based on two factors: traffic and pavement temperature.

Adjustments are made to the PG grade of asphalt cement based on traffic conditions and traffic volumes which are intended to enhance the design life of the pavement.


Application of Bitumen PG 64-22

The PG system uses a common set of tests to measure physical properties of the binder that can be directly related to field performance of the pavement at its service temperatures by engineering principles. It is one of the most important changes introduced in Super pave that acceptance limits are the same but have to be met at specific pavement temperature and traffic conditions.

PG 64-22 is specifically used in mild regions with very cold winter.


Bitumen PG 64-22 Specification

Kiapetro guarantees that the Bitumen PG 64-22 is produced in compliance and conformity to International of Standard ASTM and NCHRP 459, also meets the requirements of the following specification.



PG 64-22 Bitumen Specifications
Property PG64 Test Method
Average 7-day maximum pavement Design Temperature, °C 64  
minimum pavement Design Temperature, °C > -22  
Original Binder  
Flash Point Temperature Minimum °C 230 AASHTO T48
Viscosity maximum 3 Pa.s, Test Temperature,°C 135 AASHTO T316
Dynamic Shear G*/sin minimum 2.2 KPa Test Temperature,°C 64 AASHTO T315
Rolling Thin Film Oven Test AASHTO T240
Mass change maximum percent 1.00  
Dynamic Shear G*/sin minimum 2.2 KPa Test Temperature, @ 10 rad/s °C 64 AASHTO T315
Pressure Aging Vessel AASHTO R28
PAV aging Temperature, °C 100  
Dynamic Shear G*/sin maximum 5000 KPa Test Temperature, @ 10 rad/s °C 25 AASHTO T315
Creep Stuffiness S maximum 300 Mpa m-value minimum 0.300 Test Temperature,@ 60s °C -12 AASHTO T313
Direct Tension Failure strain minimum 1 % Test Temperature @ 1mm/min, °C -12 AASHTO T314
Critical low cracking Temperature Critical cracking determined by PP42 Test Temperature -12 AASHTO PP42




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