Medium Curing

MC30, MC70, MC250, MC800, MC3000

Medium Curing (MC) asphalt cement uses medium diluents of intermediate volatility generally in the kerosene boiling point range (MC-30, MC-70, MC-250, MC-800 and MC-3000).

MC bitumen is widely used in tack coats, fog seals, slurry seals, and stabilizers. Mc grades have a high prioritized place in the Kenya market. This bitumen grade is widely applied in many countries, especially East African countries such as Kenya and Tanzania.

The degree of liquidity developed in each case depends principally on the proportion of solvent to asphalt cement. To a minor degree, the liquidity of the Cutback Bitumen may be affected by the hardness of the base asphalt from which the cutback is made. The degree of fluidity results in several Grades of Cutback asphalt—some quite fluid at ordinary temperatures and others somewhat more viscous. The more viscous grades may require a small amount of heating to make them fluid enough for construction operations.


Cutback MC3000

Bitumen cutback MC3000 means solvent is medium caring which express that the solvent will vapor at medium speed. During applying the MC-3000 cutback bitumen, the solvent evaporates so the residue demonstrates perfect adhesion.

Cutback MC800

Bitumen cutback MC800 is a cutback bitumen which is a penetration bitumen asphalt blended with kerosene. Cutback bitumen MC-800 consist of initial incorporation of asphalt into the surface of non-asphalt based course preparatory to any superimposed treatment of construction.

Cutback MC250

Bitumen cutback MC250 is a cutback bitumen which is a penetration bitumen asphalt blended with kerosene. Kerosene and other petroleum derived products are added as cutback agents reducing the viscosity.

Cutback MC30

Cutback bitumen MC30 is dissolved of bitumen in solvents of kerosene. MC-30 grade has the highest demand. MC-30 is a medium curing cutback bitumen that contains 55% bitumen and has the lowest viscosity among all grades.

Cutback MC70

Bitumen cutback MC70 is medium curing (MC) cut-back asphalt consisting of penetration grade asphalt cement and diluents or cutter of medium volatility. Cutback MC-70 use in the road maintenance industry where it is used as a prime coat of the base course prior to placing the bituminous surface course.


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