Bitumen Coating products

Bituminous Protective Coatings are used to form a flexible and vapour proof protective coating

Bitumen mastic emulsion

Bitumen mastic emulsion intended for pre-treatment of surfaces prior to waterproofing, also called “primers” are more liquid consistency. Also, bitumen mastic has been known and used for many years as a weather and wearing surface for roofs, floors, foot walks, and light driveways.

Application of Bitumen mastic emulsion

In bitumen emulsion, latex improves the strength and elasticity of the material. As a rule, latex polymers are combined with water phase and are emulsified with bitumen directly during preparation of the bitumen-latex emulsion. Latex can also be used to modify bitumen directly, or can be injected into a prepared bitumen emulsion as an independently mixed emulsion.

The advantage of using bitumen-latex emulsions is the improvement of several parameters: road durability is increased, temperature range is expanded, layer formation time decreases, high elasticity and strain resistance is ensured. For better adhesion of layers, experts recommend injection of special adhesion additives into the latex-bitumen emulsions. Apart from road construction industry, bitumen latex emulsions are widely used as waterproofing materials, protecting structures from water and its destructive effects. The so called “liquid rubber” is a unique waterproofing material based on bitumen-latex emulsion with no solvents. Liquid rubber ensures high parameters in essential areas: stability and durability, ease of transportation, elasticity, high efficiency and safety.

Bitumen mastic emulsion Specification

Kiapetro guarantees that the Bitumen mastic emulsion is produced in compliance and conformity to International of Standard ASTM D3381-09, also meets the requirements of the following specification.


Product UP 70 UP 72 UP 74 UP 76
% Solids Content,(+/- 2.0) 70.0 70.0 70.0 70.0
pH, (+/- 0.5) 10.0 10.0 10.0 10.0
Viscosity, Brookfield 1500 1500 1500 1300
Monomer Ratio,(Styrene/Butadiene) 24/76 24/76 24/76 24/76





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