Bitumen emulsion

Cationic and Anionic emulsion SS-1, SS-1h, QS-1h, CSS-1, CSS-1h, CQS-1h, MS-1, HFMS-1, HFMS-2, RS-1, RS-2, CRS-2, HFRS-2

Bitumen emulsion SS1-h

Anionic Bitumen emulsion SS-1h is slow-setting, anionic type which made by hard bitumen and are further characterized by their ability to remain stable on storage although produced with equipment that generates a wide range of shearing forces.

For anionic and emulsions, there are several grades of different breaking characteristics. Rapid-setting emulsions are used for surface dressing, while medium or slow-setting emulsions are used for ‘mixtures’, that is mixed with aggregate either in concrete-type mixers or in situ.


Application of Bitumen Emulsion SS1h

Usage of anionic bitumen emulsion SS-1h is two phases of water and bitumen which are not possible to mix and the first interphase is inside of outer phase. The particle size of the emulsion is 0.1 to 5 micron. In normal conditions and without emulsifier the two parts of emulsion SS1h is unstable and quickly will segregate. By adding emulsifier into water and bitumen that is the alkaline salt with Ammonium Salt in the high-speed mixer at ISO condition making bitumen SS-1h.


Bitumen Emulsion SS-1h Specification

Kiapetro guarantees that the Bitumen Emulsion SS-1h is produced in compliance and conformity to International of Standard ASTM D 2397M, also meets the requirements of the following specification.


Viscosity SSF , 25 °C (s) 20 100 ASTM D244
Viscosity SSF , 50 °C (s) —  —  ASTM D244
Storage stability, 24h (%) —  1 ASTM D6930
Demulcibility  , 0.02 N CaCl2 (%)      
Cement mixing (%)    2  
Sieve (%)   0.1 ASTM D6933
Residue by distillation (%) 57   ASTM D244
Residue penetration, 25 °C 40 90 ASTM D5
Solubility in trichloroethylene % 97.5 ASTM D2042
Residue ductility, 25 °C, 5cm/min (cm) 40   ASTM D113




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