Bitumen emulsion

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Bitumen Emulsion K3

Bitumen Emulsion K3 are cold applied, liquid bitumen emulsions, used in the construction and repair of pavements, driveways, roads, and highways.

Bitumen Emulsion K3 is a cationic (slow setting) road emulsion that contains 56% bitumen, is black in color and is manufactured strictly as per KS 02-769: 1990 standard.


Application of Bitumen Emulsion K3

Bitumen Emulsion K3 is in road pavement bases and surfaces projects as:

    Plant mix (cold) with both dense-graded aggregate and sand

    Mixed-in-place with dense-graded aggregate

    Slurry seal


Bitumen Emulsion K3 Specification

Kiapetro guarantees that the Bitumen Emulsion K3 is produced in compliance and conformity to International of Standard KS 02-769: 1990, also meets the requirements of the following specification.




Particle charge


Residue on 710 um KS sieve (%)(m/m), maximum


Residue on 150 um KS sieve (g per 100 mL), maximum


Binder content (%)(m/m), minimum


Viscosity (degrees Engler (°E) at 20°C)

10 max.

Viscosity redwood No. II (s at 85°C)


Storage stability (long period test) % water content difference, maximum





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